Rewiring (Knob and Tube Replacement)

Lauterborn Electric is Philadelphia’s knob and tube replacement expert. We have been removing and replacing knob and tube wiring since 2001.

We pride ourselves on being able to do these types of jobs efficiently while producing a great end result. We identify the knob and tube circuits and the devices and fixtures that contain knob and tube wiring and come up with a plan for repair.

We can provide different solutions for different budgets. Hard wired smoke detectors should also be installed during a knob and tube replacement.

Why should Knob and Tube be replaced?

Knob and Tube is a very outdated and dangerous form of wiring. These circuits have been worn out over many years of use and do not contain a ground wire. This wiring on its own can become a serious hazard but becomes worse when it comes into contact with insulation.

Over the past ten years, insurance companies have been refusing insurance for new policies in homes that contain knob and tube wiring. Lauterborn Electric always recommends complete replacement of knob and tube wiring.


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