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Feb 6 19

Retail Store Price Checker Installations

by Lauterborn Electric

Lauterborn Electric has working throughout the eastern part of the State of Pennsylvania installing price checkers for a popular retail clothing store.  The images show the process of providing power, installing the physical structure of the price checker, and the final computer installation. The scope of the work included painting exposed conduit to match existing structure. The work was completed during off hours for the convenience of the stores normal times of operations.  For all your electrical needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electrician Lauterborn Electric.  Click Images to Enlarge.

Jan 11 19

Recent Main Electrical Service Upgrades

by Lauterborn Electric

Lauterborn Electric was busy before the Holidays last year getting several main electrical services done.  From Fishtown, North Liberties, and Mayfair we gave our Lauterborn Electric treatment.  We piped the outside all the way up, installed a new backboard and panel and grounded the system completely.  In one of the locations we had to clean up a wiring mess which you can see in the pictures.  For all your Electrical needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electricians Lauterborn Electric.  Click Images to Enlarge. Happy New Year.

Dec 7 18

The result of water get into your electrical equipment?

by Lauterborn Electric

Water and moisture are the leading causes to electrical equipment oxidizing. Improper installation and aging are the main culprits to service equipment degenerating. Unsuspecting homeowners usually discover that they need main electrical service upgrading or updating when their lights start flickering or worse when they lose electrical service. Customers often ask if it is PECOs responsibility when a main electrical service fails. The answer is any equipment attached to a home is the home owner’s responsibility. It is required for licensed electrical contractors to bring the main service up to the latest code when installing a new service. Details like working clearance and properly mounting and grounding the equipment are essential to a successful inspection ready service. Lauterborn Electric recommends periodically checking your main electrical service equipment to avoid surprises.  If the main service line is showing signs of fraying, corrosion forming around the meter box, or water leaking from your main electrical equipment you should contact Lauterborn Electric for further evaluation. For all of your electrical needs contact your licensed Philadelphia electrician Lauterborn Electric. Click on images to enlarge.

Nov 28 18

Space Heaters and Potential Hazards

by Lauterborn Electric

Electric space heaters are very popular when it comes to heating cold spots in a home.  Home improvement stores are selling electric space heaters and they can’t keep them on their shelves. Older homes with exterior walls with little or no insulation create a need for additional heating and electric space heaters are an inexpensive way to add supplemental heating. Electric space heaters have heating coils that draw around 1500 watts. That’s 12.5 amps. Most of these heaters are being controlled by overextended 15 amp circuits. A lot of the time these are the old knob and tube circuits which can be very dangerous. Some are even putting multiple heaters on a single circuit causing an overload. We see a lot of homes where these circuits are being over fused with 30 amp breakers creating even worse problems. One solution we recommend is to run new circuits to each room that a space heater is being plugged in. These new outlets can also be used to plug in window air conditioners in the summer. For all of your electrical needs contact your licensed Philadelphia electricians Lauterborn Electric.  

Nov 12 18

The Dangers of Knob and Tube

by Lauterborn Electric

Lauterborn Electric receives calls all the time about Knob and Tube wiring. We always recommended replacement.  What we have run into is people running newer wire and connecting to the Knob and Tube and faking a ground. This process is called bootlegging. Outlets appear to be grounded with good wiring when tested by home inspectors.  This is very dangerous because you are giving people the illusion that they have newer wire in their property.  The picture shows what we found in an attic recently.  The new wire is spliced with the knob and tube and grounds are tied in with the neutral. The home owner bought the house thinking they had no knob and tube but now are trying to process that most of their 2nd and 3rd floor needs to be rewired.  For all your electrical needs contact your Philadelphia Electricians Lauterborn Electric. Click Image to Enlarge.

Nov 1 18

Halloween at Lauterborn Electric

by Lauterborn Electric

It was a “boo”tifull Halloween day at Lauterborn Electric. The trick or treating started slow but once the evening started to set a full wave of young and not so young trick or treaters began their quest to fill up their bundles with treats. Some of the costumes were truly impressive with Lauterborn Electric’s best friend Father Time greeting them as they approached. Several of the younger treaters were a bit apprehensive at the sight of the old chap to the amusement of their parents. At the end of the evening it was another successful night with no candy left in sight. Contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electrician Lauterborn Electric for all of your electrical needs. Click on images to enlarge.

Oct 24 18

Sloppy Electrical Work Costs Money

by Lauterborn Electric

Doing electrical work cleanly and neatly takes no longer than a sloppy installation. If you have good work habits that you repeat during installs it becomes second nature. Squaring wires when roughing in a house, dressing a panel neatly, or just making the screws in a wall plate face in the same direction becomes the norm once you develop good work habits. We always pose this question when evaluating electrical systems. If the exposed wiring looks sloppy what do you think the wiring inside your walls and devices looks like? Back stabbing devices and daisy chaining switches are also indicators that the wiring installation was rushed. We see this often in newer construction homes. A couple of years later these connections become loose creating power failure. That’s when we get called in to clean up the issues in a practically new home at the expense of the home owner.  The images show a back stabbed device and sloppy wiring in a two year old home which Lauterborn Electric was called out to troubleshoot and make repairs. For all of your electrical needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electricians Lauterborn Electric. Click on images to enlarge.

Oct 11 18

A job not well done

by Lauterborn Electric

We at Lauterborn Electric often see home improvement general contractors sometimes over extend their services by attempting to do electrical work. They will have their unskilled laborers attempt while having no knowledge, license or expertise make such installations. This practice usually comes back to bite the unsuspecting home owner who puts their complete trust that the GC will do the right thing and hire the right people for the project. Here are some images of some not so good results that added cost to the home owner because of poor execution. This front renovation came complete with a 2 by 4 to hold up the hanging of the electrical meter. Once the meter started sparking we were called out to make the necessary adjustments and add additional expense to the home owner. This image shows a ceiling fan that was hung on a junction box not fan rated. Luckily the fan didn’t come down on someone’s head.  This third image was of drywall installed and small openings made for the wiring. The problem is that the wiring was older outdated knob and tube wiring. The process of replacing the wiring would have been much simpler before the drywall was installed. Using common sense (if it doesn’t look right it probably isn’t) and making sure your GC has the right credentials is key to keeping your home and family safe. For all of your electrical needs contact your Philadelphia licensed electrician Lauterborn Electric. Click on images to enlarge.

Oct 3 18

Video Doorbells

by Lauterborn Electric

Lauterborn ElectricLauterborn Electric Lauterborn ElectricLauterborn Electric has seen an increase in calls for installation of Nest or Ring video door bells systems. These systems not only provide a signaling device at your front door, but also provides a security measure. This technology has taken off when it comes to viewing and recording movements around your home. Through your smart phone you can receive notifications of someone at your front door, view and communicate, and through an app record any suspicious behavior in the general area of the cameras view. It’s a fairly simple process if you already have an operational door bell system. For all of your electrical needs contact your Philadelphia Licensed Electricians Lauterborn Electric. Click on images to enlarge.

Sep 5 18

Potential Outlet Hazards

by Lauterborn Electric

Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn ElectricAll electrical outlets can fail given enough time. However, bad installs and paint can really shorten the life of an outlet and cause possible hazards. Backstabbing outlets is a common practice that does save the installer time, but can lead to other problems. Backstabbed outlets can lead to loose connections and eventual burning of the insulation surrounding wires. This is a fire hazard. Painting of outlets makes it harder to plug into a device. This can cause a loose connection which can cause arching and melting of the outlet. To increase the potential life of your outlets avoid backstabbing and painting of outlets. The pictures show some of these possible hazards.  For all of your electrical needs contact your licensed Philadelphia electricians Lauterborn Electric. Click images to enlarge.