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Treat your home to an elegant or decorative ceiling fan or light fixture for the Holidays
November 28, 2011

So it is almost Christmas and you still have those old, out of style, Disco Era light fixtures. It is time…

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Electricity and water do not mix
November 17, 2011

We recently received a phone call from a homeowner who was having a problem with her power going on and off…

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Some jobs should be left to a licensed and competent Electrician
November 8, 2011

It never ceases to amaze us what we run into in an almost daily basis. We as licensed electricians would never…

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Let your Electrician spruce up the look of your home
November 1, 2011

Consulting your electricians could be the key to improving the decor of your living room, family room, or your entire home….

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The Pastorius project brings life back to a home
September 27, 2011

This huge grey stone Victorian house built in 1950 was decaying from years of neglect and lack of maintenance. The original…

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The Casa project comes to a successful conclusion
September 5, 2011

When we began the Casa project, the building was completely gutted down to the exterior walls. The owner had a vision…

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Lighting is in the eye of the beholder
August 23, 2011

We as electricians provide many ideas about lighting to our customers based on our experience. Ultimately the final word comes from…

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August 15, 2011

This recently renovated spacious contemporary condo with high ceilings lacked efficient lighting. The basic flush mounted lighting fixtures did not provide…

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Why do we need to pay close attention to the lamps we are installing in our light fixtures?
August 9, 2011

All Lighting fixtures come with a wattage size and type of lamp specification which is usually on the fixture itself. This…

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Updating the wiring in your home
July 26, 2011

If your home was built before 1950, it was more than likely wired with knob and tube. Today, major appliances, sensitive…

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