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Electrical code violations
May 21, 2012

We as qualified electricians see code violations on an almost daily basis.

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Lighting to create a better working environment
March 26, 2012

Lauterborn Electric was recently involved in a lighting upgrade for a Benjamin Moore paint and decorating store. The existing lighting which…

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Disproving the myth that anybody can do electrical work
February 7, 2012

So you have an electrical problem and your uncle who happens to be handy (he hung a few pictures in your…

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Some jobs should be left to a licensed and competent Electrician
November 8, 2011

It never ceases to amaze us what we run into in

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Why is grounding your home important?
May 31, 2011

Why do we need electrical grounding? The grounding of your electrical system is the foundation to providing a path for unwanted…

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Have your smoke detectors been updated according to the latest electrical codes?
May 23, 2011

In new residential installations, all smoke detectors must be hard wired, interconnected and have battery backup. They must be installed in…

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Does this look like a safe installation?
April 14, 2011

The above image is what we found when we went to this home after the home owner became concerned over…

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What should your service entrance cable look like?
March 20, 2011

The first thing we see as electrical contractors when we come to your home for an electrical review or estimate is…

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What should your electrical panel look like?
March 2, 2011

Can you tell the difference between

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