GFCI protection saves lives

Ground fault circuit interrupter commonly known as GFCI is a smart device that is designed to trip when there is an imbalance of current in a live circuit. 

In layman’s terms the current is going where it’s not supposed to and has the potential to create a shock hazard.

Essentially, these smart devices are designed to de-energize, removing any potential electrical ground fault. 

The NEC (national electric code) requires GFCI protection on kitchen counters, bathrooms, outdoors, garages, unfinished basements and other locations.

Over the years, statistics have proven that having proper working GFCI receptacles avoids injuries and saves lives. 

Over time a GFCI can become defective or lose its ability to protect an unsuspecting user. Lauterborn Electric recommends manually tripping and resetting your GFCIs to confirm proper function.

Most manufacturers and Lauterborn Electric also recommend replacing your GFCI receptacles every 10 to 15 years or immediately if they are not tripping or resetting properly.  

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