Electrical Inspection report red flags

Double tapped or undersized breakers are two common red flag issues on a typical inspection report. 

Older homes in Philadelphia, over the years have had electrical upgrades or repairs. Trying to save on cost by hiring a handy man can lead to a poor installation and a code violation. 

Panel manufacturers require one wire per breaker screw and one neutral per slot. This requirement is often violated. The breaker should also match the panel brand required by the manufacturer.

Trying to add circuitry in an already maxed out electrical panel leads to these potentially dangerous connections. This panel violation can lead to wires over heating creating potential electrical faults.

The size of the conductors on the circuit determine the size of the breaker to be installed which is another simple rule often violated. 

Installing a larger breaker can lead to a breaker not tripping creating another potential electrical failure. 

Lauterborn Electric recommends hiring a professional who knows the standards and avoids potential mishaps.

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