Knob and Tube discovery during home inspection

Many of the traditional Philadelphia homes were built in the early 1900s. Some have been renovated and modernized electrically and structurally but many still have the original knob and tube wiring.

Purchasing a home generally is the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Don’t get stuck with a lemon!

When purchasing a home, the potential buyer hires an inspection agency to access the homes general construction and conditions of the property.

The home inspection provides a general overview of the structure, plumbing, electric and mechanics of the home.

The report often lacks the detail of the homes internal wiring or code violations as per NEC. These reports often defer to further evaluation by a specific trade when potential violations are present.

Lauterborn Electric recommends you hire an electrician for a full evaluation of the homes electric that will provide a full overview with potential costs to bring the wiring up to code.

Due diligence is on the buyer. Once you purchase a property, the homes potential issues and costs affiliated with it now belong to you.

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