Keeping an eye on your main electrical service

A homes main electrical service is essential to keeping your lights and convenience appliances working safely. In our travels we see many properties in Philadelphia with either outdated or unprofessionally installed services.

Older and outdated electrical panels can create power issues that lead to blinking and power disruption. Over time electrical connections become loose from expansion and contraction due to environment conditions.

Electrical service cable normally on the exterior of the property is exposed to the daily weather variations and temperature conditions. Over time the protective covering becomes frayed exposing live conductors.

Once the live conductors are exposed, water finds its way through the cable to the electrical equipment causing oxidation-corrosion which can lead to arcing.

The images show some of the various panels and service cables we frequently change and upgrade.

For all your electrical needs contact your licensed Philadelphia electricians Lauterborn Electric. Click Images to Enlarge.