Philadelphia Knob and Tube Removal

Lauterborn Electric was called to the Fishtown area of Philadelphia by a first time home owner who had an inspection report that found Knob and Tube wiring in the property.  The home inspector recommended the removal of the knob and tube wiring.  Philadelphia is known for its old rowhomes and a good amount still have the old and outdated form of wiring.  This property had not been updated and needed everything rewired and brought up to code.

 These types of jobs tend to be extremely dirty and we do our best to minimize damage to walls and ceilings and try to limit dust from entering other parts of the home. Plastic zip walls and plastic sheets are used to limit the debris from spreading. Then we got to work and installed a new 100 amp service with a 30 circuit panel.  New wiring was run throughout the house to bring it up to the latest codes.  Smoke detectors, arc fault breakers, and tamper resident outlets were also installed. 

The images show some of the old knob and tube in the property and plastic zip walls and sheets. For all of your electrical needs contact your Philadelphia licensed electricians Lauterborn Electric. Click Images to Enlarge.