100 AMP Service in Fishtown

A new home owner in Fishtown followed through on his inspection report recommendation and called Lauterborn Electric to install a new electrical service. 

The conduit on the exterior showed signs of oxidation and the cable was not properly protected going through the brick façade.

Water was entering the electrical meter through the cable causing a potential hazard.  Also the panel was cluttered, outdated and over extended. 

After viewing the report, Lauterborn Electric came out for a closer look and provided an estimate. Once the home owner gave us the approval, we installed a new 100 AMP service including:

⁃ a new cable sleeved in PVC conduit on the exterior 

⁃ a new 30 circuit panel which provided plenty of space for the existing circuitry 

⁃ a new breaker properly sized for every existing circuit

⁃ grounding for the main electrical system

⁃ labeling the panel and providing a typed ledger

The images show the original and finished product.

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