Northeast Philadelphia Electrical Service Relocation

An old classmate of the workers at Lauterborn Electric reached out when he was selling his home. A home inspector said the main electrical service needed to move as it was in a restricted area. 

We went out to take a look and agreed with what the inspector was saying. A room had been built in front of the service in the basement and left next to no working clearance for the panel. 

The main electrical service cable was also dry rotted and the meter was showing signs of corrosion. Both needed a replacement.

So a new 100 amp service was installed the Lauterborn Electric way. We used PVC from top to bottom and installed a new 30 circuit panel. 

We were very lucky that almost all the circuits reached the new location. The pictures show the before and after.  For all your Electrical needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electrician Lauterborn Electric. Click Images to enlarge.