House Electrical Face Lift

Lauterborn Electric has been receiving calls from customers who are looking to give the home they newly purchased built in the 1980s or 1990s an electrical face lift.  Homes in that time frame were wired with the modern Romex wiring, but have older and outdated lighting, switching and receptacles. 

The homes built in that time frame also have switches and receptacles that are ivory and recessed lights that use halogen or incandescent light bulbs. Many homes have switched receptacles in the bedrooms with no overhead lighting. 

What Lauterborn does is come in and change out all the devices (switches and receptacles) from ivory to white and even upgrade to a fancy decora style device.  We also install dimmers and either new LED recessed fixtures or LED recessed trim kits. In the rooms without overhead lighting there are a lot of lighting options available.

Recessed lighting can be installed or a ceiling fan or even both. Another safety feature that comes with changing your receptacles is the new devices by NEC codes have to be tamper resistant. This also eliminates those ugly covers or plugs to prevent children from getting hurt.

The benefit to the upgrade is savings from converting from incandescent to LED energy efficient lighting.  The face lift also updates your home into the future and gives it a new cleaner look.  

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