Knob and Tube Removal

We at Lauterborn Electric receive a lot of calls, emails and text messages in regards to knob and tube wiring and what to do with it.  Lauterborn Electric always recommends replacing knob and tube. We understand that sometimes customers may not have the funds to replace all the knob and tube in their house at one time.  Here are things we recommend if it’s not in your budget to replace the knob and tube wiring in your home.  Eliminate as much load off the knob and tube circuit as possible. Install LED light bulbs or fixtures and make sure your electrical appliances or equipment with high amperage are not on the knob and tube circuits. Run dedicated lines to bedrooms for window air conditioners, space heaters and other electronics to plug into.  Running a dedicated line to a room can be helpful if you eventually rewire the whole room. You can extend the newer Romex (grounded wiring) in the future to add receptacles or lighting.  For all your Electrical needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electricians Lauterborn Electric. Click Images to Enlarge.