Lauterborn Electric Rewiring Philadelphia

Lauterborn Electric has been busy this summer, installing new electrical services and replacing outdated knob and tube wiring on several of our projects throughout the City of Philadelphia.

The main electrical service is the foundation of your home’s electric, which allows for circuitry to be run, and operate your electrical needs safely.

A frayed electrical cable or undersized/overextended (double tapped) main electrical panel can create issues.

A frayed service cable allows water to compromise either the meter socket or the main electrical panel.  An over extended main electrical panel can create overheating.

Both issues can lead to electrical power loss or failure.

Homes built before the 1950’s were wired with either 2 conductor cloth or knob and tube wiring. These types of wiring do not provide a means for grounding, and have been over extended, abused, and over used over the years.

Many insurance companies are now not providing coverage in homes with knob and tube wiring because of safety concerns. Home inspection companies are now red flagging knob and tube wiring in their reports during a home sale process.

For all your Electrical needs contact your Philadelphia Licensed Electricians Lauterborn Electric.

The images shows various installations by Lauterborn Electric.