Blinking lights turn into an emergency 200 AMP Service

A loyal commercial customer called concerned about blinking lights at his personal residence and noises coming from the electrical panel/meter area.

Buzzing coming from the older service equipment led us to the problem. An arcing lug in the meter socket was creating the issue. We also found corrosion built up on some of the breakers which is a clear indication of water compromising the main service cable.

The solution was a replacement of the outdated, compromised equipment.

We Installed:

-A new 200 AMP service cable on the exterior was sleeved in PVC conduit.

-A new 200 AMP meter socket with a Siemens 200 AMP 40 circuit panel was installed on the interior.

-A new properly sized breaker for every exisitng circuit was installed to replace corroded exisitng breakers.

-The main electrical system was properly grounded and a GFCI receptacle was put under the main panel for convenience.

After the completion of the work Lauterborn Electric had a very happy loyal customer.

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