Knob and Tube Remediation University City

Lauterborn Electric was called to the University City neighborhood of Philadelphia because a customer of ours was buying a house which had knob and tube wiring.  The options can seem endless when having knob and tube removed from a property and the cost points are very different.  You can bring the property up to code which means you can add outlets, switches and smoke detectors to meet the latest electrical codes. You can also just remove the knob and tube and replace the wiring at existing openings with newer romex wire which gives you the ground wire needed to put in the proper devices in.  You can remove the knob and tube and add smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors which is cheaper than bringing everything up to code and gives your home a level of safety.  The pictures show knob and tube removal. Sometimes we have to trench the ceiling to be able to get wires where they need to be.  For all your electrical needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electrician Lauterborn Electric. Click Images to Enlarge.