Reasons to call Electrician

Lauterborn Electric is asked all the time by customers if we see anything in their home that needs to be replaced or fixed.  So here are some pictures and descriptions of what we think are major electrical issues.  The one picture shows a frayed main electrical service cable. This is an issue because water can get into that cable and compromise your meter and panel.  The main electrical cable, meter and panel are the nucleus of your electrical system. Your electrical circuitry branches out from there.  Another picture is of knob and tube. We have done many articles on knob and tube and why this is a hazard. It is out dated and requires replacement.  One picture shows flying splices in a basement. A flying splice is an unboxed splice. When this is seen it usually means some unqualified electrical work was done. If you can see a flying splice, think of what you can’t see in your walls and ceilings.   For all your electric needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electrician Lauterborn Electric.  Click Images to Enlarge.