Home Rewires

Lauterborn Electric has been out running around rewiring houses in Fishtown, Fairmount, and Overbrook Farms.  The pictures show the images of the rough wiring in these three sites.  The homes are different in many ways, one is a small row home in Fishtown that is 700 square foot. Fairmount is a new construction home and Overbrook Farms is a 3600 square foot old stone home which was gutted and reframed.  No matter the size, shape or style we wire them to code with smoke detectors, tamper resistant outlets and arc fault breakers.  The biggest difference in these homes will be the lighting. One home will have three inch recessed lights in it. Another will have four inch recessed lights and the last one will have a mix of light fixtures and recessed.  For all your Electric needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electricians Lauterborn Electric.  Click images to enlarge.