Home Inspection Woahs!

A home inspection reveals many flaws of a property’s structural and essential mechanicals such as electric. As electricians we receive many inspection reports that show electrical issues such as knob and tube wiring and damaged main electrical services to name a few.

The pictures show some of the worst installs we have seen in home inspections.  They tell the story on their own, from a main electrical panel behind a wall, to a water heater that has wires just hanging out of it. 

The issues can be major or minor. The one picture shows a recessed light we took down in a bathroom that had power out.  In the ceiling we found open splices and wires boxed about a foot away. Needless to say we recommended rewiring of the property. 

If you see exposed or bad wiring in a house, the odds are there are more problems you can’t see.  For all your Electrical needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electricians Lauterborn Electric.  Click Images to Enlarge.