Emergency 100 AMP service Fishtown in Philadelphia

Water and electric does not mix well. Water entering your main electrical panel through the main service cable will degrade the electrical system to the point of failure.

This Fishtown resident had lights blinking and was in need of an electrician. Her father, also a Fishtown resident referred Lauterborn Electric to her.

Water was entering through the crackling service cable, the meter and into the main electrical panel. Corrosion had set in on the breakers and panel enclosure.

Lauterborn Electric removed the exisitng service and installed a new 100 AMP service cable sleeved in PVC on the exterior for protection.

A new Siemens 20 circuit panel with a copper bus bar and new breakers for all existing circuits was also installed on the interior.

We also grounded the main electrical system to create a path for unwanted electric.

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