East Falls Knob and Tube

Lauterborn Electric was called to East Falls by a potential home buyer when they found out in a home inspection that the house they were going to buy had knob and tube wiring.  The older house had some rewiring done but all of the 2nd and 3rd floor were knob and tube. 

So we came up with a game plan to get into the house a couple days after settlement. That way, no one would be in the house with us and we could do the trenching and notching that was needed to get wires to their final resting place. The new wiring was done to the latest codes with arc fault breakers, tamper resistant outlets and hard wired smoke detectors installed. 

Now a carpenter is in there doing patches and then it will be painted before we head back to put up the finished lighting.  For all your electrical needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electricians Lauterborn Electric.