Essentials of the home inspection report

The process of purchasing a home can be a daunting task. The inspection report is a big part of the equation. Understanding the extent of red flag issues on the electrical portion of the report is essential for preventing expensive repairs after the property is purchased.

Big ticket items like the replacement of knob and tube wiring or the main electrical service that come up during the inspection should be addressed before the purchase.

The inspection report is a general view of all of the home essentials. Lauterborn Electric recommends hiring a qualified electrician to go through the property thoroughly and provide a written estimated cost for repairs.

The purchasing of a home is a big investment. Make sure the essentials such as the electric, plumbing, structure, and roof are in proper working order to prevent your dream home from becoming a nightmare.

For all of your electrical needs contact your licensed Philadelphia electrician Lauterborn Electric.