Electrical service entrance cable

The main electrical service cable is the main artery of the electrical system in a property.

If the main electrical service cable fails, the property’s electric is compromised.

When a main electrical service cable becomes frayed to the point of strands showing, it is time for a replacement.

A frayed cable allows water to enter live electrical parts and create a hazardous condition or electrical failure.

Typically, by the time Lauterborn Electric is called out to access a service cable, the damage is already done. Once water penetrates your service equipment, it is time for a replacement.

The images show a main electrical service cable with severe fraying and water entering the meter socket creating corrosion.

Lauterborn Electric recommends taking a look at your main service cable to check for fraying. If you are not sure of the condition of your service entrance cable, you can either email or text images to Lauterborn Electric for us to evaluate.

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