Emergency Electrical Work Philadelphia

Lauterborn Electric has been available for emergency service and has completed several emergency 100 amp services and panel changes in the past few weeks. 

These customers were unable to wait because their lights were either blinking or their electrical panel only had half power. 

In one of the emergencies, the customer was getting shocked every time they touched their HVAC unit.  

We, as well as our customers, took precautions with everybody wearing masks and keeping our distance. 

The customary handshake at the end of a completed service was replaced with a simple nod and wave.

This was especially tough for our owner Larry Lauterborn Sr. who enjoys a good conversation with our customers as well as a firm handshake for a job well done.

The team at Lauterborn Electric has taken extra precautions with frequent use of hand sanitizer, observing a safe distance and wearing facemasks during these extreme times.

Lauterborn Electric is looking forward to getting back to a more normal schedule in the coming weeks and providing our customers with quality service.

The images show the before and after of the emergency services listed above.

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