Emergency 100 AMP Service Philadelphia

As we stated in our last post, we are only working on an emergency basis as is mandated by the State of Pennsylvania during this time.  Today’s serious weather conditions have exacerbated some of the 100 amp main electrical service work that people were trying to hold off on.

This week we will be replacing a main panel as well as redoing a 100 amp service that has deteriorated to the point where it needs to be done right away.  Lights that were once flickering every once in a while, are now turning a home into a disco.  We look forward to returning to normal work in the near future, while of course, taking any precautions recommended by the CDC, State of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia.

Any emergency electrical problems you may encounter, please feel free to reach out to us. We can also talk about any future electrical plans you may have and give you an idea of pricing.

For all your electrical needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electricians Lauterborn Electric.