Electrical safety tips from Lauterborn Electric


Ground fault circuit interrupters commonly known as GFCIs are safety receptacles that are required throughout your home in kitchens, bathrooms, unfinished basements, and exterior. These devices have saved many lives since their inception.

The GFCI is designed to trip if an imbalance of current going through the device occurs, such as an appliance leaking current or unwanted energized parts

GFCI receptacle manufacturers recommend replacing the devices every 10 years. GFCI devices should be checked regularly to ensure it is working properly.

Tamper resistant receptacles

Tamper resistant receptacles are now required on all new installations. The device works like shutters that will only open when both sides are engaged.

In older homes installing these life-saving devices is a must especially if you have children!

Smoke detectors are lifesaving devices and should be checked regularly for their proper function.  Whole house surge protector. These devices are designed to protect your home’s electric from surges from your utility company or lightning strikes. These detectors also protect your sensitive electronic equipment.

Lauterborn Eclectic recommends installing a whole house surge protector to guard against unwanted electrical surges. For all of your electrical upgrades contact Lauterborn Electric your licensed electricians in Philadelphia.