When to call your Electricians Lauterborn Electric

There are many reasons to contact your electrician including power outage, flickering lights, a burning rubber smell, or a device that is hot to the touch.

Most people will do their own evaluation and diagnosis before reaching out to Lauterborn Electric. Checking the main electrical panel for tripped breakers or a GFCI receptacle in a kitchen or bathroom can be a simple solution to a power outage.

When the situation persists we are called out to diagnose and remedy the issue. Our process is similar to a home owner but our years of experience in the electrical field always leads us to the root of the problem.

A burning smell can mean anything from a bad receptacle to your main electrical panel burning up.  Blinking lights can range from a bad switch to a service cable in the middle of power failure.

A tripped breaker can be a bad appliance leaking current or an overloaded circuit.

When Lauterborn Electric is called out we troubleshoot/evaluate and come up with a solution to the problem. Explaining in detail to the home or business owner so they can understand the electrical problem and the process to correct and prevent future electrical failures is even more important.

Nothing is more important to Lauterborn Electric than the safety of our customer’s family, home, and electrical wiring system.

Contact your friendly Philadelphia electricians Lauterborn Electric for all of your electrical needs.