Home Rewiring Philadelphia

There are many reasons to have your house rewired in the City of Philadelphia.  The main reason we at Lauterborn Electric see a need for rewiring is the existence of Knob and Tube. This type of wiring needs to be replaced because it is outdated and unequipped to serve the needs of modern electrical demands.

We also recommend rewiring when a house has older cloth wiring that does not have a ground wire.  The lack of a ground wire at your electrical device (outlets, switches, lights) is a safety issue.

Type BX cable clad wiring was another type of wiring commonly used in the 50s through the 70s. The metal sleeving is used as a ground which can become a danger when the metal corrodes or when the wire is not terminated properly at a junction box.

The rewiring process can be complicated in an existing home. Making openings on your walls and ceilings is necessary to allow for rewiring. After wiring is completed the walls and ceilings will need to be patched and painted.

When rewiring your home to bring up to the latest electrical codes, receptacles would need to be added for proper spacing purposes. Hard wired interconnected smoke detectors throughout is also a code requirement.

So during any renovation process of your home, taking advantage of open walls and ceilings by installing new wiring can be financially beneficial.

For all your home rewiring needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electrician Lauterborn Electric. The pictures show the different older wiring types.