100 to 200 Amp Service Upgrade in Philadelphia

A new Fishtown resident in Philadelphia reached out to Lauterborn Electric to price out a 100 to 200 AMP service upgrade. The customer was looking to add several electrical appliances and wanted to make sure they had enough power.

Once hired and on site Lauterborn Electric:

Installed a new service cable on the exterior sleeved in EMT (conduit) as per owner’s request. On the interior, a 40 circuit panel was installed to replace a much smaller and outdated existing one. Also as per owner’s request a surge protector was installed adding another safety feature to their main electrical service.

In conclusion: The main electrical service is the nucleus of your home’s electrical system and properly sizing your service is crucial to the safe wiring of your home.

For all your electrical needs, contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electrician Lauterborn Electric.