100 amp and 200 amp Panel Changes

A bad installation or an outdated electrical panel are two reasons to replace your main electrical panel.

We recently were called out to the Fishtown section of the City of Philadelphia by a customer concerned with a burning smell where his electrical panel was located.

When we arrived we observed a newer installation with extremely poor workmanship.

The wires were cluttered together on single connectors and the panel was poorly dressed.

After a closer look we realized the overly tight connectors were piercing through the wires causing an arcing situation.

The images show the before and after our installation images

Federal Pacific panels were very popular in the 1950’s thru 80’s. Unfortunately years later it was discovered that Federal Pacific breakers would not trip when an overload situation would occur. The lack of tripping of Federal Pacific breakers creates a potentially hazardous situation. Federal Pacific panels/breakers actually lost their UL listing due to poor performance.\r\n\r\nLauterborn Electric strongly recommends a replacement if you have a Federal Pacific panel.\r\n\r\nImages show a before and after of a Federal Pacific panel replacement.

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