100 AMP & 200 AMP services throughout Philadelphia

One of the many electrical specialties that Lauterborn Electric provides is main electrical services throughout the city of Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs.

These two services, a 100 AMP in the East Oak Lane and a 200 AMP in the Graduate Hospital neighborhoods in Philadelphia were recently installed by Lauterborn Electric

We provide quality new installations to replace failing and sometimes hazardous existing services.

A new service panel sized with consideration for future use, and main electrical cable capably sleeved in conduit to protect from physical damage are typical for our installations.

When installing a new service we also provide new properly sized breakers for all existing circuits.

Bonding and grounding of the main electrical system including driving ground rods is a must to avoid unwanted energized mechanical equipment.

Finally, we apply for an electrical permit with the municipality and provide a final inspection from a certified third party inspection agency.

For all of your electrical needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electricians Lauterborn Electric.