100 AMP Service in Philadelphia

Lauterborn Electric has been replacing 100 and 200 AMP services throughout the Philadelphia area for decades.Just when you think you have seen it all, you run into a service like this. The Port Richmond resident reached out to us when his lights started blinking.

When we arrived, the exterior cable was frayed to the point of no insulation on the wiring. Water had to be pouring into the equipment for years!!  Not only was the main electrical panel outdated, but when we removed the door we could see the back wall through the electrical panel. The back of the panel basically wore away from corrosion and oxidation.

The Solution

Lauterborn Electric installed a new 100 AMP service cable on the exterior sleeved in PVC for added protection. A new Siemens 30 circuit panel on the interior was installed with new breakers for all existing circuits.

Building a back board to mount equipment, grounding the electrical system, and labeling the main electrical panel were also part of the new installation.The customer who was very thankful for our timely service gave us a great 5 star review on Google!

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