The Electrical Home Inspection Report Process

Purchasing a home can be a difficult task with many issues arising during the inspection process. We at Lauterborn Electric get many requests to view inspection reports once the buying process get serious.

An inspection report is typically a general overview of the total home structure/mechanical status.  Many older homes mechanical’s such as electrical, plumbing and heating systems are often outdated, obsolete or even a safety hazard.

When purchasing a properly, professional evaluation of potential issues is essential to help prevent future costs of repairs. Lauterborn Electric recommends that once you get an inspection report with electrical red flags you hire a qualified electrical contractor to fully evaluate.

The electrical evaluation should include:

  • The main electrical service and grounding
  • Internal wiring ( Checking for the presence of knob and tube wiring)
  • Updated safety devices such as GFCI protection and tamper resistant devices
  • Updated hard wired smoke detectors

A written estimated cost of repairs form the evaluation is a must to negotiate for repair cost compensation at closing time. Remember once you own the property the problems and cost associated with repairs belong to you.  For all of your electrical needs contact your Philadelphia licensed Electricians Lauterborn Electric.