Fuses No More: 100 Amp Service in Fishtown

Lauterborn Electric was called out to a Fishtown property that had a very old electrical service.  The fuse box dated back to the 1950s and the customer felt it was time to get rid of the outdated system and install breakers.

The Problem

The main electrical cable on the exterior was frayed and water was entering the electrical equipment through it. The biggest obstacle for this service upgrade was how high the main electrical connections were.  A bucket truck had to be rented to provide a safe installation.

The Solution

The 100 amp service was done the Lauterborn Electric way. The outside was sleeved in PVC and the new 30 circuit panel was installed inside to allow for future rewiring of the property.  The grounding was done to code and the pictures show the before and after. 

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Fishtown 100 Amp Service Photos