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Burning Down the House (Duplex)

by Lauterborn Electric on March 4th, 2019

A landlord called Lauterborn Electric because a tenant had half power in the upper unit of a duplex.  When we arrived at the duplex the wiring although sloppy was newer.  When we opened up the panel we found it had half power. We then went to the meter bank which was telling us that they were receiving the right power from PECO.  We had to be let into the first floor unit because the main disconnect for both units were in the basement. The pictures show what we saw.  What we found was scary and could have led to some real problems. The main disconnect for the upstairs unit was an enclosure that was rated to only handle 60 amps which was undersized for the power running through it.  We recommended upgrading the service coming into the property as it was undersized and installing the proper disconnect for the unit.  For all your Electrical needs contact your Philadelphia Licensed Electrician Lauterborn Electric.  Click Images to Enlarge.

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