How to Avoid Electrical Emergencies in the Winter

Lauterborn Electric often sees main electrical services that are in various stages of decay. Some property owners with such issues are either unaware or just hoping that their service will remain on especially during the cold winter months.

The images in the gallery show the main service cable that failed to the point of power outage. The images also show our new installation.

This main service failed and the homeowner waited several days for PECO to arrive only to be notified that they needed an electrician. Luckily we were available and the weather cooperated with us. Losing your electric is no fun, like not having conveniences we take for granted such as lights, heat, and all of your electronics.

Avoid Loosing Heat in the Winter

Lauterborn Electric recommends checking your service equipment from time to time to avoid costly emergency costs due to power outage. If unsure of what to look for you can always send images of your service cable, meter box, and main electrical panel to Lauterborn Electric. We would gladly evaluate and provide advice and guidance as to the condition of your main electrical service.

For all of your electrical needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electrician Lauterborn Electric.

Electrical Emergencies in the Winter Photos