Dangers of Exposing Electrical Equipment to Water

Water and moisture are the leading causes to electrical equipment oxidizing. Improper installation and aging are the main culprits to service equipment degenerating. Unsuspecting homeowners usually discover that they need main electrical service upgrading or updating when their lights start flickering or worse when they lose electrical service.

Responsibility For The Damage

Customers often ask if it is PECOs responsibility when a main electrical service fails. The answer is any equipment attached to a home is the home owner’s responsibility. It is required for licensed electrical contractors to bring the main service up to the latest code when installing a new service. Details like working clearance and properly mounting and grounding the equipment are essential to a successful inspection ready service.

Avoiding Main Electrical Service Fails

Lauterborn Electric recommends periodically checking your main electrical service equipment to avoid surprises. If the main service line is showing signs of fraying, corrosion forming around the meter box, or water leaking from your main electrical equipment you should contact Lauterborn Electric for further evaluation.

For all of your electrical needs contact your licensed Philadelphia electrician Lauterborn Electric.