Why a General Contractor Can’t Do All Electrical Work

We at Lauterborn Electric often see home improvement general contractors sometimes over extend their services by attempting to do electrical work. They will have their unskilled laborers attempt while having no knowledge, license or expertise make such installations.

This practice usually comes back to bite the unsuspecting home owner who puts their complete trust that the GC will do the right thing and hire the right people for the project. In the gallery below are some images of some not so good results that added cost to the home owner because of poor execution.

This front renovation came complete with a 2 by 4 to hold up the hanging of the electrical meter. Once the meter started sparking we were called out to make the necessary adjustments and add additional expense to the home owner. This image shows a ceiling fan that was hung on a junction box not fan rated. Luckily the fan didn’t come down on someone’s head.  

There is an example of drywall installed and small openings made for the wiring. The problem is that the wiring was older outdated knob and tube wiring. The process of replacing the wiring would have been much simpler before the drywall was installed. Using common sense (if it doesn’t look right it probably isn’t) and making sure your GC has the right credentials is key to keeping your home and family safe.

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Bad Electrical Work Photos