Wiring Nightmares: Bad Electrical Work Examples

Doing electrical work cleanly and neatly takes no longer than a sloppy installation. If you have good work habits that you repeat during installs it becomes second nature. Squaring wires when roughing in a house, dressing a panel neatly, or just making the screws in a wall plate face in the same direction becomes the norm once you develop good work habits.

We always pose this question when evaluating electrical systems. If the exposed wiring looks sloppy what do you think the wiring inside your walls and devices looks like?

Dangers of Sloppy Electrical Wiring

Back stabbing devices and daisy chaining switches are also indicators that the wiring installation was rushed. We see this often in newer construction homes. A couple of years later these connections become loose creating power failure. That’s when we get called in to clean up the issues in a practically new home at the expense of the home owner.  The images show a back stabbed device and sloppy wiring in a two year old home which Lauterborn Electric was called out to troubleshoot and make repairs.

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Bad Electrical Work Photos