Fixing a Dryer Electrical Code Violation in Fishtown

Lauterborn Electric was called by a new Fishtown resident who just purchased a new electric dryer and the breaker corresponding to it was tripping. They recently moved to the home which was completely renovated including a rewire.

When we arrived we opened up the devise and main electrical panel to make sure the wiring was properly connected.  We noticed the cord installation lacked a connector, a code violation. We were even more surprised when we opened up the back panel to further evaluate. We found the cord improperly connected causing the issue.

One of the home repair big box stores where they purchased the dryer from had one of their unqualified delivery people install the power cord. A power cord install is a simple task if done by a qualified electrician. Luckily no one was shocked or hurt from this sloppy or worse, negligent install.

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