Electrical Nightmares in South Philly

New construction is the easiest work for an electrician. It is also a highly competitive race to the bottom making margins tighter and tighter. To make up for this, many corners are cut and often we get called afterwards to fix problems created by certain contractors.

Electrical Repairs in South Philly

We were called out to a South Philly multifamily unit to fix blinking lights. The blinking was caused by cheap foreign knock off fixtures that were illegally installed. We replaced most of them with legit fixtures, however we could not replace some in the common hallway.

The pictures below show very poor decisions made by a previous electrician or builder. In order to power something unknown in the third floor unit, wiring was illegally bootlegged from light to light in the hallway. The bare grounding wire is being used as a current carrying conductor. This is a dangerous wiring method which increases chances of electrical shock. Come back for the conclusion of this job.

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