Main Electrical Service in Port Richmond

We were recently in Port Richmond due to blinking lights and Comcast disconnecting service due to grounding issues. Upon arrival we were met by over 100 dolls and a note from PECO.

A little further investigating led us the main service cable. The neutral was shot coming through the wall and needed to be replaced. PECO ran a temporary wire to the cold water meter to try to restore power with no luck, so later they came back to temporarily restore power with an exposed wire outside.

Normally PECO would shut down power and give a customer a certain amount of days to get it fixed. Since this was a very unsafe situation and cable TV was out we came out the following day to put in a new complete service including main service cable, meter and panel. Grounding was also done including a grounding bridge for Comcast to connect to. The pictures show before and after.

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Main Electrical Service in Port Richmond Photos