An Unexpected Full Rewire Service in South Philly

Lauterborn Electric was called by new homeowners in the South Philly section of the city of Philadelphia who found us on Yelp. They were looking for an estimate to run cable lines inside the walls. They also wanted a flat screen television installed on a solid brick wall in the living room.

When we got to the property to provide an estimate, we did a walk through and initially, nothing looked out of the ordinary. The house appeared to be rewired and recessed lights were installed on the first floor to give it a nicer look. We told the home owner that we may take down a couple recessed lights to give access for the cable lines to be run to the second floor.  We sent them an estimate and the job was ‘a go’.  The work was to be done before the home owners moved into their new property.

The day we arrived at the property, we began pulling down recessed lights and found that someone had run newer (Romex) wire to the recessed lights but tied them in to the original outdated knob and tube circuits. The newer lines in the finished basement were simply spliced in the ceiling with knob and tube. We opened the switches upstairs and knob and tube was present everywhere. The newly finished bathroom also revealed what had happened.

Someone came into this property and wanted to make it look like it had been rewired when it was not. This is not the first time we had walked into something like this but it was definitely the worst. The images show what was found in the ceilings.

A full rewire was recommended and completed before they moved in. The customer had a home inspection done but the inspection report did not disclose the full extent of the knob and tube wiring.

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Full Rewire in South Philly Photos