Questions to Ask Before a TV Mounting and Installation Service

Santa Claus must have had a sleigh full of televisions this Christmas as we have been busy making installations since then. The images below show the before and after of a typical Lauterborn Electric installed television, but not all installations are the same. When mounting a flat screen television on a wall there are questions that need to be answered before a job can be priced and started.

Questions To Ask:

  • Is the wall where the television is to be mounted solid or hollow?
  • How close to the installation can we extend power to feed the television?
  • Where is the cable connection and box located?
  • Is the HDMI cable concealed rated for such use?

For solid walls we have the option of notching the walls or installing a channel to conceal the wiring. If notching is necessary the walls would need to be patched over to conceal piping used to sleeve the cables for protection.

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TV Mounting and Installation Photos