Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn ElectricThe hot item these days when purchasing an older home or property is whether the wiring is the original knob and tube or the property has been rewired.  This situation comes to light when an inspection report exposes the outdated wiring still in use. Many older homes and buildings in the city of Philadelphia built in the early to middle 1900’s were wired with knob and tube wiring.  Knob and tube is an ungrounded method of wiring that with time, abuse, and over extending has become an issue for many property owners.  With time the older wiring insulation becomes brittle from overheating to the point of falling off. This can cause a failure of the wiring losing power or worse, an electrical fire. The ungrounded wiring also provides less than safe protection to your electronic equipment such as televisions or computers from voltage spikes or lightning strikes.  The replacement of knob and tube wiring can be expensive considering that the contractor will need to fish lines and make openings on walls and ceilings to allow for new wiring. Many insurance companies are now requiring that knob and tube be removed and replaced to be able to secure insurance coverage. This becomes an issue at time of sale with the buyer seeking some type of remedy or compensation for the older wiring. We at Lauterborn Electric recommend a full evaluation before purchasing a home or a property. We also recommend the removal and replacement of knob and tube wring. For all of your electrical needs contact your licensed electrician Lauterborn Electric.  Click Images to Enlarge.