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Adding New Wiring in Older Homes

by Lauterborn Electric on November 23rd, 2016

Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn ElectricWe often receive calls from customers who want to add circuitry in their older houses. Some want to remodel kitchens which usually requires multiple new circuits to be run from panel point. However a lot of these homes have outdated electrical services with undersized and overcrowded electrical panels. In order for a qualified electrician to install new wiring in these situations, the electrical service needs to be addressed first. In most situations the electrical panel will need to be replaced with a new one in order to create more space. The pictures show original overcrowded and outdated panels and the new replacement panels. If you are looking to make upgrades in your older home your first step should be evaluating your main electrical service. For all of your electrical needs contact your licensed Philadelphia Electricians Lauterborn Electric. Click images to enlarge.

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