Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn ElectricDuring our travels to the many homes and businesses we see many poor or in some cases dangerous electrical installations. Running extension cords and data lines across floors or under a rug is a very common occurrence. Not only does the wiring possess a tripping hazard, but worse the wiring can overheat creating a potential electrical fire. The images show several wiring installations in a retail setting that shows exactly how not to properly run data and electrical lines. In locations where counter areas have no access to walls to allow for wiring Lauterborn Eclectic recommends the installation of a power and data pole. This ensures the safety of the people walking around the area while also protecting the wiring. For all of your electrical needs contact your licensed Philadelphia electrician Lauterborn Electric. Click Images to Enlarge.