Lauterborn ElectricLauterborn Electric was called to Andorra by a home buLauterborn Electricyer. They had an inspection report and wanted to have some of the major issues on it taken care of and they also wanted do add some ceiling fans to three bedrooms and a living room.   The ceiling fans were from scratch which means there were no fixtures in any of the rooms and wires would need to run to the fixtures using surgical notches. Fan control switches were installed so the customer could control the fan and light on the fan from the wall switch instead of pulling chains.  The pictures show a couple of the rooms before and after.  The bedrooms only took one notch each because there was room above the ceiling to fish the wires.Lauterborn Electric Lauterborn Electric The living room had a few more notches. A basic patch was put on all notches and the customer was very happy with the end results.  For all your electrical needs contact your Licensed Philadelphia Electrician Lauterborn Electric.