Lauterborn ElectricThe first thing we look at when evaluating a home’s electric is the main service.

  1. The main electrical equipment being outdated, main cable frayed, or corrosion built up are signs that a service needs replacing.
  2. The grounding of the electrical system is also important to prevent unwanted parts from becoming energized.
  3. Lauterborn ElectricHaving breakers that are double tapped because of a lack of space in the main panel is very common in older outdated services.
  4. GFCI protection is required in bathrooms, kitchen, unfinished basements, outdoors, garages and older homes typically lack this protection.
  5. Ungrounded receptacles are also common in older homes, but Lauterborn Electricunqualified electricians replace these devices with grounded devices, which is a code violation.
  6. Older homes also lack smoke detectors that are hard wired and interconnected with battery backup.
  7. Knob and tube wiring is also prevalent in older homes and must be closely monitored to prevent an overloading of this older wiring.

For a full evaluation of your home’s electric contact your licensed Philadelphia electrician Lauterborn Electric.