We at Lauterborn Electric travel throughout the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs upgrading and troubleshooting electrical issues. The extreme heat can accelerate an already deteriorating service to failure.

When we arrived at this Fishtown home on a 95 degree day this customer could not turn on the air conditioner without having to shut down the rest of the electric in the home. When we went down to the basement this is what we found.

The image below left shows a panel in disarray. The customer lost one of the feeds coming into the panel and the breakers were staggered by an unqualified electrician creating a potential overload.

Lauterborn ElectricLauterborn ElectricThey also lost the neutral which caused a blinking and dimming affect when any appliance was used. The metering was also corroded to the point of failure. The images on the right show the new equipment installed by Lauterborn Electric.

Lauterborn ElectricLauterborn ElectricIf your lights are blinking or dimming contact your licensed electricians Lauterborn Electric.